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In the seaside district of the Town of Świnoujście, at the Promenade, just off the entrance to the wide and sandy beach, there has been erected a beautiful complex of apartment buildings called “Rezydencja Trzy Korony”. This unique development was designed and built like an exclusive hotel perfectly fitting into the historic character of this part of the town.

Rezydencja Trzy Korony is a complex of three independent apartment buildings joined with a green terrace. The area is enclosed, guarded and monitored by CCTV cameras. Along the northern part of each of the buildings there is a shopping and service passage. Each building is equipped with a comfortable internal lift and underground multi parking facility. On the premises there are also several outdoor parking places. The whole area is closed by remote-controlled gates.

The names of each of the three buildings originate from Polish royal dynasties – The Piasts, The Wazas and The Jagiellonians.